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Here are a few of the questions asked frequently. Read here before contacting through email.

Why are some shirts priced higher than others?
Many of the shirts are made of a different style and material (some may be thicker and others thinner). Some material cost more than others. We ask that you read description of the t-shirt so you will know what you are receiving.
Why is it taking so long to receive my item(s)?
Due to Covid-19, some shipments are taking longer than usual. We ask that you please be patient and you will receive your product! There are some shortages and certain items could take up to 2 weeks to receive.
How to get a refund?

Please read our Return Policy Here.

Contact Details

If you still need assistance, then please send an email with a descriptive body of text. If it is about an order, please put the order number in the body of the text. Please be aware of the Return Policy here.


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