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Welcome! If you’re wondering what Geek-Troit means, it’s quite simple: Detroit + Geek = Geek-Troit!

We are Geeks who live in or were from Detroit. You don’t have to live in Detroit to experience everything on the site including recommendations that we may use as Geeks!

If you want more info about us, please visit our About page!

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How To Create Your First Blog Post

Creating a blog can be a tedious task. There are sites available that help you get started quicker, but they may not have the best …

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Is Affiliate Marketing Right For You?

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth Your Time? Disclosure: This post is about affiliate marketing which may contain affiliate links. Meaning, if you purchase something from the …

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Use Google Analytics and More

Using MonsterInsights keeps your websites data in one place for easy access for you to make the best decisions for your site.

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Do I need a VPN?

Are you safe while surfing the internet?

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Is Siteground the Best Web Host?

Getting started with Siteground Web Hosting

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Welcome to Geek-Troit!

This is where it begins. Clothing for the cool kids. Browse around the site to find something for the Geek in you! Or find something …

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